Hitler, Stalin and Mao

I haven't written many posts myself here but that is the purpose of this blog - to share things I find interesting, including thoughts.

I was watching a debate to do with religion and the "Hitler, Stalin and Mao" subject came up. It's a retort made by religious proponents in response to having the great evils religion has been responsible for pointed out.

"...when you talk about the needless suffering that religion has caused, I think it's time for me to address the historical record; because I think that religion's record is nothing less than exemplary compared to irreligion..."

I could just see it coming as he spoke, it's always mentioned - "religion might be bad but" Hitler, or Stalin, or whoever. When he said it I could hear the usual responses in my head, but they've never satisfied me. Then it seemed to clear up for me - the argument is not that religion simply makes the world worse but that it's in direct opposition to good in a lot of ways. So whether or not it's done good it frequently stands in the way of it and this is gravely important.

Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds

First saw this a long time ago but everyone should watch it :)
"By condensing 4.6 billion years of history into a minute, the video is a self-contained timepiece. Like a specialized clock, it gives one a sense of perspective. Everything — from the formation of the Earth, to the Cambrian Explosion, to the evolution of mice and squirrels — is proportionate to everything else..."

Evolution of Life in 60 Seconds § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM