Missile Game

I made a game! Well, I've made a few, but this one's pretty neat I thought. I used Scratch, which is a child-friendly platform used in schools around the world to teach programming. This is a simple ballistics game, with two turrets taking turns to shoot each other on destructible terrain.

To start a Scratch program press the green flag.

You can see the code by going here and clicking 'See inside'. You can even change the code and see what difference it makes live, without creating an account!

Cambridge Folk Festival 2015

Just got back from 4 days at Cambridge Folk Festival and it was great fun! I tried to take plenty of photos when I wasn't dancing or fiddling or being silly or entertaining nephews/cousins-once-removeds. It was really fun; I found a new group I really enjoyed - 'Fara' (of Orkney) - and to accompany the slideshow here's the first track and one of my favourites their album, which I bought straight away after seeing them on Thursday afternoon. And what a stunningly beautiful video it has, too.


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