Richard Branson: Time to end the war on drugs

Very interesting article by Richard Branson on Portugal as an experiment on the decriminalisation of drug possession, and switch from treating drug addicts as criminals to patients.

Russell Brand interview

Fascinating 10-minute interview with Russell Brand. It's incredible how much depth he can (not help himself) express without a second's thought. It reminds me of Christopher Hitchens, in some ways. I really enjoyed watching it, anyway, if nothing else from a psychological perspective.

The Gift of Apollo

The Sagan Series (part 8), The Gift of Apollo

Actually makes me tear up a bit!

The Greatest Speech Ever Made

Came across this YouTube video today.

One of the most important speeches in recorded history was given by a comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin. If you like what you see please share the video any way you can and pass the message on.

UPDATED: Jonathan Miller's "The Atheism Tapes"

I came across these videos on YouTube and thought they were really worth watching, so I compiled them into a playlist which I present here.

Jonathan Miller interviews six people for a documentary about atheism: philosopher Colin McGinn, physicist Steven Weinberg, playwright Arthur Miller, biologist Richard Dawkins, theologian Denys Turner, and philosopher Daniel Dennett. Each interview is three 10-minute videos long.

EDIT (05/02/12): Unfortunately, all of the videos have been taken down! Searching YouTube for "the atheism tapes" seems to indicate there are still copies around, however...

Animation: The Central Dogma

Really cool visualisation of how DNA leads to protein formation! It's like something out of the Power Rangers, but cooler, and actually happens!