65 Million Years With A Creationist.

I agree with V0r4xiz in the comments when he says
"That's the sort of 'fairy tale' that should be in the kids' books."


  1. It's on the slow side, but it's mostly worth watching.

    What i say ... a human-being would go off Like A Bomb in a world like that. 2 men who are invincible would very quickly (hundreds of years) be masters of it, especially if they were modern educated men. It would be interesting to see their intellectual 'ceilings'. Collectively mankind's mental limits are as high as the most exceptional specimen. If there's just one guy, it would be interesting to see what he was able to do / not do. Certainly the language in his diary would have significantly evolved!

  2. @inteblio Hehe, I wonder. I'm not sure if you're overestimating the capacity of a couple of humans. But given 65 million years you might be right, even two ordinary people in a primeval jungle might accomplish the extraordinary.

    That said - the fact that the genie is preserving their mental state might retard that sort of development even if it was otherwise possible!